Embody Your Multidimensionality Membership

As a child of God, you have a divine inheritance encoded in your DNA. It has lied dormant, waiting for your heart to receive it.


But what if I told you that you're ready?

You're ready to activate the codex of your divine inheritance.

You're ready to heal body, mind and spirit from ancestral trauma.

You're ready to awaken and live in alignment with your soul's purpose.

You're ready to bring the constellation of your desires into fruition within the earthly realm.

You're ready to lead and share your voice with the world.


You’re ready because this is your Divine assignment.


ENCODED - Embody Your Multidimensionality Membership - is an online sanctuary that will awaken the unlimited depths of your sovereign, creative power. Biweekly, you will receive channeled activations that liberate ancestral trauma from your body and activate your divine inheritance to cultivate a deep reverence for who you are at the core of your being. By unlocking your unique spiritual gifts and your signature light language, you will leverage every aspect of your being – from your word to your posture - to show up in the world with the utmost authenticity.

When you walk through the doors, you will discover that your divine inheritance transcends scripted thoughts and affirmations. Through the embodiment of your 12 strand DNA, multidimensionality and divine inheritance, you will co-create a movement for human sovereignty, so all living beings can bravely ascend the throne of their divinity.

Who Is The ENCODED Membership for?

  • You’re ready to step into your purpose and your power

  • You desire to clear karmic blockages and liberate yourself from ancestral trauma

  • You’re committed to owning and sharing your voice with the world

  • You desire to deepen your connection to your higher self and to God/Source

  • You want to harmonize the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in the body 

  • You’re looking to strengthen your intuition and become psychically attuned

  • You crave connection and community with other like-minded souls who are focused on also on a path of spiritual ascension

What’s Included in The ENCODED Membership Group:

  • Biweekly light language activations by Rebecka and access to all recordings

  • Monthly Q&A where you get to ask your questions around light language and ascension

  • Access to a self-study collection of activation exercises, a light language lecture and rituals that deepen your personal practice

  • Join a beautiful tribe of like-minded souls that support one another throughout their spiritual transformation



By joining today, you will guarantee your spot as a founding member and be the first cohort inside ENCODED.

Monthly Investment: $22