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A 4-Week Light Language Activation Course

In this transformational time, you are being called to connect with your soul and radiate your light – the essence of your soul with the world. You’re a lightworker with a celestial mission to inspire a collective remembrance of the Divine Sophia Christ consciousness within your Self and all living beings.

Before you carry out your Divine assignment, you must first reconnect with your heart space to activate your soul’s signature light language. In doing so, you not only reclaim your sovereign, creative potential, but you also commence your initiation with the Sophia Code – the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness.

Your conscious activation of this sacred light body technology has the power to override the existing templates programmed in your carbon-based DNA in favor of creating new templates that expresses your divine inheritance in every realm of your present life – money, business, relationships, sexuality and health – and in the process, you illuminate the pathway for others. 

When you activate your distinctive Light Language, you distribute sound and energy currents that become interpreted by the high heart rather than your programmed brain. This profound connection unlocks your intuitive gifts and attunes every cell to the vibration to love – the vibrational frequency of your Highest Self. This allows you to perceive the seen and unseen in the quantum field, so you can exercise the creative power of your free will in alignment with God/Source and your soul’s mission. 

Through deep listening, deep trust and deep delight, you discover that the Divine Christ Sophia not only surrounds you, but that she has always been with you, waiting for you to realize your Divine Assignment and activate your Light Language. 

Activate - Open up to Light Language - is a four-week intensive designed to accelerate your emotional, psychological and physical ascension in progressive steps of light language activation, quantum self-realization and embodied multidimensionality. As you open up the sacral and throat energy centers in the body, you will release inherited ancestral belief patterns, traumatic cellular imprints, projected self-limitations, vows and oaths from previous lifetimes and socially conditioned beliefs systems from your carbon-based DNA. In doing so, you experience the unlimited depths and heights of your sovereign, creative power, recognizing that all along, you have held the keys to your sovereignty and your light.

Because light language is multidimensional - comprising of light codes and frequencies individual to your soul, it cannot be taught. However, throughout this four-week container, we will create a safe space for you to decode and integrate your signature light language using guided activations, meditations, toning and vocal practices, womb clearing and more. These spiritual tools will allow you to experience the immensity of your royalty in every aspect of your being – from your speech to your posture to your movements. You will discover that it’s safe to let go of outdated beliefs, to surrender to the whispers of your soul, and move in rhythm to universal wisdom flowing through your body.

Although there are no guarantees that you will speak your light language after this course, I will give you all the tools and support to explore and deepen your connection with the soul. I will say this - everyone who signs up for this work are already connected to their own light language.


What You’ll Receive:

  • Four light language activations channeled by Rebecka and access to all recordings

  • Lifetime access to the "What Is Light Language" Workshop

  • Access to a self-study collection of activation exercises, toning and vocal practices, meditations, lectures and rituals that deepen your personal practice

  • Four modules, including coaching session with Rebecka, to replace outdated belief systems that are limiting your ability to channel your unique light language

  • Join a beautiful tribe of like-minded souls that support one another throughout their spiritual transformation


By the End of the Program:

  • You’ll learn how to channel your signature light language without judgement and use it to enhance every realm of your life – business, money, relationships, sexuality and health

  • You’ll reclaim your sovereignty in every aspect of your being – speech, posture and presence

  • You’ll have the understanding if the difference of being in service to self (false light) and service to others (Gods will/Unity Consciousness)

  • You’ll intuitive guide your clients to embark on their spiritual transformation using the tools and methods I share with you

  • You’ll learn how to balance your energy, especially when channeling for others, using energetic practices that help to strengthen your auric field  

  • You’ll deepen your connection to your Higher Self, making decisions with your heart rather than your mind 

  • You’ll leave the 4-week intensive with a soul tribe of like-hearted lightworkers who support you and are excited to walk this journey with you


You are free.


It is safe to remember who you really are now.