Rebecka Becks

 Transformational coach 



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I’m Rebecka Becks – world-traveling quantum healer, energy coach and medicine woman. After a disruptive spiritual awakening that spurred me to leave my athletic career in kite surfing, I was guided down a unique healing path. Using ancient medicines and activation codes, I became aware of my multidimensionality, healing my body from chronic illness and healing my mind from emotional fluctuations. I rediscovered my sovereignty on a whole new level.

After years in spiritual communities I had new levels awareness come through and almost overnight saw the deception of false light and inorganic coding within the new age spiritual communities. It was like a new Christ awakening. Integration over time and by using Light Language and embodiment of the hierogamic template (divine union within), Ied me back to our organic Christ Sophia template and the  return to God and Christ. Once you remember who you are on a soul-level, you remember that all the answers you seek lie within the quantum universe of your 12 stranded DNA. I now am here to serve Gods organic timeline and assist other women return home to organic coding of purity truth and love.


  • IAKP Advanced Kambo Practitioner

  • Emotional Gates Therapy - Levels One, Two and Three

  • Awaken as Love - Stage One and Two

  • Neurolinguistic Programming - Basic and Design Your Life 

  • Advanced Sexuality - Levels One and Two

  • Certified Yoga Instructor


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